Nearly A Nation EP

by Nearly A Nation

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released 22 March 2013

Engineer: Brandon MacLean
Mixing & Mastering: Brandon MacLean
Oranjudio Recording
Columbus, OH



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Track Name: Mind Like a Gun
Are you scared of what I might do
I've got a mind like a gun and you know it's true
Are you scared of what I might do
I've got a mind like a gun if there's a trigger I'm through

It's best for you to stay away the helper will become the pray
I only want to save your soul should things get out of control
You want to help you want to find a way for you to change my mind
Not so fast take it slow we don't want this thing to blow

There's no light no light inside once you're in you are blind
Feel the walls cold and damp you're in a self-made prison camp
All my hopes a sentence of death I had no choice orders are kept
All my hopes put to death and there they hang in my chest

Oh there they hanging down deep in my chest
As the ropes pull tighter they are fighting for a breath
And off in the shadows is who I wanna be
And with one golden arrow he cuts each of them down and sets them free

Like seeds they will drop down down to the ground
And the Earth will take them each into account
And as long as I stay and as long as I try
And as long as I drive fear away I can keep hope alive

No sleep for us tonight all our fears we must fight
They come with claws they come with knives
They come for more than just a life

So guard your thoughts and guard your life
Track Name: Nothing Left to Burn
When there's nothing left to burn and the lights go out
Say a prayer for the people here who never did quite figure it out
Something got in the way
Something they never could push out of the way

The way out is an open door in your open mind
The way out is an open heart and a little time
The way out is an open door in your open mind
The way out is to have a little faith

Say a prayer for the people here
Say a prayer for the ones you love
Track Name: Miss Mary
Oh Miss Mary is a mystery
Got a strange power over me
Makes me kinda crazy keeps tellin' me maybe
Oh Miss Mary when are you gonna' be with me

Oh Miss Mary is a hot hot hotty
Movin' in ways that make my body go up in temperature
I'm about to rupture
Oh Miss Mary I see you in my future

There's something about Mary that I never knew
Once she gets stuck in your head she is very hard to undo
She's got what you can see and that's just what I want
This could be my bad romance she's got me in a powerful trance

Oh Miss Mary you're one of a kind
Oh Miss Mary the spell you bind
Makes me want you makes me wanna' do
Oh Miss Mary

Oh Miss Mary she'll make you believe
That she wants you then she'll leave
Her beauty's like a band of thieves I'm feelin' so naive
Oh Miss Mary won't somebody help me please

Everybody knows Miss Mary everybody how they try
To keep a distance that is safe but when she gets that look in her eye
My mother met Miss Mary my mother made me oh so mad
My mother told Miss Mary baby you're too good for him to ever have

Oh Miss Mary I will never forget
Oh Miss Mary my mind is set to one day make you mine
A beauty for all time
Oh Miss Mary's got a hold on me